1/2 Marathon to 50k

Time Required:
30 min-60 min /day 4 day/ week
2-6 hour/ day 2 days / week
Total Time = 8-14 hours / week

Equipment Required:

Running clothes
Trail Running Shoes
Hydration vest or belt


This Training Plan is designed to take you from capable of running a half marathon to capable of running a 50k. The major focus of this plan is endurance; the running mileage increases throughout the 8 week program. The training also includes a couple of workouts designed to target your lactic threshold. This training plan includes only cardiovascular training. The program includes 5 runs/ week and one day of cross training. The cross training can be hiking or cycling. To get into shape to run a Half-Marathon try our 10k to Half-Marathon training plan.

Week 1 Sneak Peak:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Week 1


(50 min)

Recovery Run

(30 min)


(50 min)



(30 min)

Long Run

(90 min)

Cross Training

(3 hours)


A more detailed description of each day’s workout is included in the full plan.