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Monthly Training




If you have any goals for adventure, performance or health we will write a program to help you achieve those goals.  Each level 1 training plan is based on your goals and fitness level. Every program begins with an in person fitness assessment to determine your current fitness level and the program is built from there. The program is adapted based on how your body handles the increased work. Weekly training plans are emailed out before each week, but email communication remains open throughout the week.

Getting Started:

To get started email to set up your free Fitness Assessment. After the fitness assessment you can choose which option is right for you.

Fitness Assessment

Every level 1 training plan begins with a face to face fitness assessment. Fitness assessments are done in a location convenient for both trainer and client. Our fitness assessment is a series of tests designed to measure your overall fitness.

Our Fitness Assessments include:

  • Resting Heart Rate

  • Blood Pressure

  • Body Composition

  • Functional Movement Screen(FMS)

  • Cardiovascular Fitness(Shuttle Run Test or Rockport Walk Test)

  • Vertical Jump

  • Push up

  • Curl up

Weekly Training Plans:

The biggest difference between a level one and a level two training plan is that level 1 training plans receive training plans weekly instead of 4 weeks at a time. This allows your trainer to make more adaptions to your plan and fine tune the progression to better help you reach your goals.

Training Log: 

To ensure each program is effective you will be responsible for updating a training log daily. The training log will be visible to your trainer who will use that information to improve your training plan.