Quinn Says:

"Adventure Fitness is an excellent business, and Zachary is a fantastic trainer. Zach has an incredible amount of knowledge and experience in virtually every kind of activity - whether you're training for a marathon, or you're planning to summit a mountain. On top of his impressive amount of experience, Zachary also has a Bachelors in Exercise Science from OSU, as well as a plethora of certifications.
All of this knowledge and experience is shown when Zach sets up a training schedule for you. He creates a plan that is very dynamic and unique to you, that helps you reach your goals, be it short term or long term. I myself have seen huge improvement since I started training. Before I could hardly run 5 minutes without being winded, and now I can for close to 60 minutes straight before having to rest. I have been extremely happy with Adventure Fitness, and would absolutely recommend it to anyone!"

Heidi Says:

"I approached Adventure Fitness because I had the goal to run a marathon. Adventure fitness has helped me by coming up with training schedules that offer variability and properly progress the training over time. The result, I have been able to stick with this program for over 3 months without injury. A result I haven’t got with any other program. One thing I liked about the business was their motivation to help you reach your goal. Adventure fitness spends the time to find out all your personal needs and works around them. I have found this experience amazing and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Adventure Fitness to anybody looking to reach a fitness goal but needs guidance or encouragement to get them there. This is a great business and Zachary does an incredible job."