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TotalCoaching Review

posted Aug 19, 2017, 10:46 AM by Zachary Jabin   [ updated Aug 19, 2017, 10:52 AM ]
Until recently I had been letting Adventure Fitness slip. I had just started a new job and wasn't focused growing adventure fitness, but within a week two people reached out to me asking for my help. It launched me back into adventure fitness, but I wanted to make it better than before. For a long I had been using google docs to send out my workouts and receive feed back. The system worked, but I knew there were better options out there. I knew there was coaching software out there that could make things easier for me to send work outs to my clients. I started looking at all of my options. Total Coaching provided more of the things I was looking for than anyone else at the same price. 

The software has a lot of feature I have not full delved into, but it very easy to use and the workout get sent directly to the client who can see them on a Total Coaching app or on their computer. They can check off the exercises as the do them and provide feed on each workout. The software comes with access to exercise videos, but you can add videos of your own as well. In addition to the exercise log it also includes a food log. When you log what you eat it spits out all of the nutritional information for the entire day. 

There are a couple of things that couple make total coaching even better. It would be really nice if total coaching included an app for trainers as well. Even if it didn't include a way to edit training plans, it would be really nice if it were easier for me to check up on my clients progress from my phone. It would also be really nice if clients could log their Nutrition on the app. 

All in All Total Coaching has certainly made things easier for me and my clients like the upgrade as well.