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2018 Goals

posted Dec 15, 2017, 2:05 PM by Zachary Jabin   [ updated Dec 27, 2017, 10:46 AM ]

I don't think that New Years is a magical day that allows you to suddenly reverse all of your bad habits and replace them with good habits. I do feel as though now is a wonderful time to create goals for the 2018. For each of us those goals will be different, but we all have the opportunity  to write those goals down and work toward those goals through small but significant changes in our routines. Here are mine:

Run a 50 miler or 100k 

In 2016 I ran my first Ultra Marathon a 50k. And I loved the race I loved the culture and I wanted to do more of them. Longer ones and ones with more climbing. In 2017 I started a job that makes running consistently more difficult and because of that I didn't train or race any events. In 2018 I won't let that prevent me from racing my first 50 miler or 100k. I have not selected the race yet, but signing up for it will be just the push I need to start being consistent again with my running.

Climb Mount Jefferson & North Sister

Jefferson has been near the top of my list for years. And it is now one of the two Mountains I have left to climb in order to have climbed all of Oregon's Cascades. While I hope to climb several mountains in 2018 these two are my top priority.  

Lead Climb a 5.12a Outside

I started  2017 off climbing prolifically, but due to the circumstances my outdoor climbing came nearly to a complete halt. I have since gotten back into outdoor climbing, but in 2018 I look forward to a more complete climbing season and trying the hardest routes I have ever done.

Climb a v8 in the Gym

In 2017 I climbed my first v7. In 2018 I will spend a bit of time focusing on bouldering and I will climb my first v8. 

Gain One New Client Per Month

In 2017 I let Adventure fitness slip away. I started a new job and I didn't have the same drive that I once had for training clients. But my enthusiasm has been restored and I am eager to help other people reach their goals. I know